Dry Needling IN Columbus OH

Chiropractic Columbus OH Dry Needling

Dry needling in Columbus OH attacks pain at the source. We feel for those sensitive muscular trigger points and insert a very thin, thinner than a strand of hair, into the skin and muscle. Trigger points are sensitive nodules in the muscle creating a taut band.

Dry Needling in Columbus OH

These trigger points can be created by many reasons including past injuries, strain of muscles, nerve sensitivity, compensating patterns, and much more. When we dry needle we can at least temporarily relax the muscle and nerve to improve function and deliver a better quality treatment!

How does it work?

What’s called a local twitch response can occur. This can alter the muscle length and tension and desensitize the nerve causing the knot and pain.

Dry needling also can have an effect on blood flow. We know a trigger point can be caused by decreased blood flow in the area. A needle can improve blood flow to the area bringing it extra blood to the area and oxygenate the trigger point. When an injury does not heal itself correctly or efficiently, needling can create a second chance for the body to heal it in a better fashion.

Why should you try it?

Dry needling has been shown in current research to help with pain in conditions such as osteoarthritis and overuse injuries.

Research supports the use of dry needling in cases of low back pain when combined with another therapy such as chiropractic, rehab therapy, and massage which are all things we offer here! The spine is not the only area we can needle, people oftentimes develop overuse injuries and trigger points in extremities such as tennis/golfers elbow, piriformis syndrome, IT band syndrome, sciatica, and plantar fasciitis.

It is a very safe practice with low risk of adverse effects. This makes it a safe and effective therapy for common conditions we see every day. There are limited contra-indications such as fear of needles, diabetes, and areas of infection.

How else can dry needling be used?

Commonly, the clinician will use electrical stimulation on the needles. This can further the intensity and effects of dry needling! This is a great option for acute pain to get you out of that severe pain so we can accomplish more things in our other therapies.


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